SpaceTalk By Mr. Gadhadar Reddy (CEO, NoPo Nanotechnologies)

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Gadhadar Reddy is an inventor, entrepreneur and visionary working towards a long-term goal of enabling humanity to be a space faring species. He was born in Bangalore in 1987. He excelled in academics throughout and understood the need to master Advanced Materials especially Carbon Nanotubes due to their immense applications. He is a Chechevening

vening Scholar (University of Oxford), 35 under 35 in Space, India-France Young Leader, Singularity University Alumnus.

In 2011, he founded NoPo Nanotechnologies in Bangalore along with Dr.Robert Kelley Bradley (co-inventor of HiPCO® with the Nobel Laureate Dr.Richard Smalley). The project was funded with a small seed money from Family and Friends. NoPo stood for “Not Possible” since everyone he met said that it was impossible to produce Advanced Materials at scale particularly in India. He took it as a challenge and did not reveal the reasoning behind the name until after they produced their first Nanotubes. He worked hands-on to build the first reactors which are a technology marvel capable of operating in extreme temperature and pressure

Milestones :

2014: NoPo successfully develops the world’s first industrial scale HiPCO reactor. Begins scaling production by doubling capacity every 4 months.
2014: Nominated as a ‘Distinguished Alumni’ board member of Academic Council of BMS College of Engineering
2015: Won the 4th International Space Solar Power Competition organized by the United Nations – Space Generation Advisory Council.
2015: Delivered a TEDx talk on Carbon Nanotube for generating energy from Space.
2016: NoPo Ranked as Top 3 Technology Startup of Bangalore by EO CARES.
2016: Attended the prestigious Global Solutions Program 2016 at Singularity University located in the NASA AMES Research Park.
2017: Nominated as member of Committee for formulating policy to develop Hi-Tech and Frontier industries in Karnataka
2018: International Institute of Space Commerce, 35 Under 35 in Space. Only Asian in the inaugural list of people disrupting Space.
2018: NoPo is granted its first patent on a critical technology required to scale Nanotube production. Patent 299675, INDIA
2019: University of Oxford – CRISP Programme
2019: India-France young Leader
2020: 2nd Place Winner of Global Startup Summit Hong Kong

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  1. AKNR Chandra SEKHAR

    Wonderful initiative. This gives a good platform for people to know about space and explore more in a constructive and scientific approach.

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