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Society for Space Education Research and Development (SSERD)

Educate | Inspire | Innovate

Society for Space Education, Research and Development (SSERD) is an organization which is elevated to promote Space Science among the community and create awareness about the current inventions and innovations happening in this sector. We have various programs planned for all kind of audience from all age groups. Our key aim is to update the community with the latest news and encourage them to be part of Space Revolution which has already started.


Read Our Story in UNOOSA

Space captivates. Little else captures our imagination like dreams of walking on the Moon or of wandering the rocky red surface of Mars. In China, children aspire to be taikonauts more than anything else… Read More

World Space Week Celebrations with SSERD

SERD World Space Week Program from 04th October to 10th October 2020 aims to reach out to 1 Million students through our 7 days Online Event. This program will give students a strong base on satellite technology, its applications, space economy, career opportunities, etc. This initiative is robust approach made by the SSERD Team to reach out too many students

Internships Division

Internship and Projects division is an initiative to promote research in STEM fields.

Free Outreach Program

Free SSERD outreach Program – Watch Recordings

Giving Every dream a chance

SSERD along with The Akshaya Patra Foundation is creating awareness among the students about the importance of space science in our day to day life. A year-long program was designed for the students to provide space education and to unveil their creativity. The program started in July 2019 and ended in January 2020. This program is designed in such a way that it helps us to identify the child’s dream and to develop the necessary skills to reach their goal.

What do we do?

As a step towards this goal, we at SSERD have come up with an exciting yet intriguing way to reach our young minds by using a distinct method of learning focused on Space Science.

Astro Space Camp

Advanced Exposure to the fascinating world of space, satellites and rockets at very young ages and to help in developing the Aerospace education in the country

Young Minds

A platform to bring out Young and Genius talent that prove age is just a number for learning and imparting knowledge. A hunt for interesting talent that student will be interviewed, shared for motivation and worldwide recognition.

Sky Gazing & Astronomy

Pointing Telescope at Moon, Planets, Stars and Constellations for a closer view and study them.

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From Edge of Space Blog

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    2:31 a.m. Feb 19, 2021, a tweet by NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover, “Hello, world. My first look at my forever home.”  NASA and the world celebrated the success of the landing of Mars Rover “Perseverance” on the Mars’ landing site called Jezero Crater, one of the eight potential […]

  • Supernova: The brightest Explosion in Space
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    What is a supernova? It is a bright, brilliant star in one of the corners of the universe. It was not present a few hours ago, but now it illuminates the sky. It is not a star specifically, or at least not currently. That bright point in the sky is a star that has reached the end of its life and […]

  • Space Robotics: Leading the way to the Cosmos
    by K Shreyas Suvarna on February 17, 2021 at 11:01 AM

    The space tech industry has been largely dependent on automation right from the very beginning and now with advanced technological know-how, this dependence is bound to increase exponentially, and it’s robotics that steps in to assist humans in exploring the unknown. When the ISRO Inertial […]

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    Facts About Jupiter: Jupiter is named after the King of the Gods. It is a huge planet, with a strong magnetic field, and more moons than the rest of the planets in the solar system. Although Jupiter was discovered and known long ago, the development of the telescope and other space study equipment […]

  • Sayonara 2020
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    No matter how this year was, No matter what was the cause, It was a blessing in disguise, Events that took place in skies, It started with January meteor shower, February’s occultation showing Moon willpower, April knocked with “Glory Nights” for Venus, Supermoon comes simultaneous, June […]

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