Girls in Space Is an Initiative of SSERD to promote more girl’s participation in Space and STEM fields.  It is a 4 Week program designed to introduce Space Careers for Girls.


What is Girls in Space

It is an initiative by SSERD  to promote girls and women in the space sector. We do not speak about just empowering women through inspiring, but we empower by educating them. Humans have always been curious while looking at the deep sky and have tried to look at what the universe holds outside the Earth's gravity. That curiosity has led us to Mars and outer space. But Alas! Women's contribution is looked at as a drop in the ocean, not because they couldn't do it, but because of the lack of opportunities to learn, grow and contribute.


We at SSERD, through 'Girls in Space', invite those ebullient minds to learn not from books and videos but learn directly from educators, scientists, entrepreneurs, etc. We do not invite you to a classroom but to a playground where you will learn by doing, not just listening.

Cohort 4

Last Date to Apply: 21st November 2023
Last Date to Apply for Scholarship: 20
th November 2023
Program Start Date:
24th November 2023

This is a hybrid event. Some of the events are online; Some sessions are conducted offline in Bangalore and can be opted for them.




Students can apply for Scholarships to attend the Girls in Space Cohort-4.

To Apply for Scholarships, You should first register for Cohort-4 and then send an email requesting support to [email protected]

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Program Schedule

24th Nov, Friday6 pm - 8 pmOnline: Introduction to Space
25th Nov, Saturday6 pm - 8 pmOnline: Astronomy & Exploration
1st Dec, Friday6 pm - 8 pmOnline: Aeronautics
2nd Dec, Saturday6 pm - 8 pmOnline: Space Technology
8th Dec, Friday10 am - 1 pmOffline: Astrophysics
8th Dec, Friday2 pm - 5 pmOffline: Satellite and Applications
9th Dec, Saturday10 am - 2 pmOffline: Field Trip
9th Dec, Saturday4pm - 11 pmOffline: Sky Gazing
10th Dec, Sunday9 am - 11 amOffline: Design thinking and Projects
10th Dec, Sunday11 am - 4 pmOffline: Rocketry & Closing Ceremony
15th Dec, Friday6 pm - 8 pmOnline: Astronaut
16th Dec, Saturday6 pm - 8 pmOnline: Careers in Space

Fee and Other Requirements

Who Can Attend

Girl students from high School to B.Sc/B.Tech

Location: Hybrid Program (Sessions are available online and offline, Please refer to the Time table)
For Questions: +91 81476 19141 (Ashwathi)


One-On-One Session with a Mentor

Students will receive personalized, one-on-one mentorship from highly knowledgeable experts to explore the exciting subject of space. The mentor will guide and tailor the experience to the student's interests, allowing for a unique personalized learning experience.

Career Guidance

Based on the interaction with the students we tailor recommendations and actionable steps according to each student's individual strengths and aspirations. Our method leads to successful outcomes, and we are committed to supporting our students' full potential.

Certificate of Participation

Students who actively participate in the program will receive a certificate of participation, acknowledging their dedication and commitment. Receiving this certificate is an honor and a testament to the student's dedication and achievement, which we hope will inspire continued growth and success in their academic careers and beyond.

Register Now

As We have a limited number of Seats, we will be reaching out to you with a quick interview call, to understand more about you. A maximum of 4 students from each school will be selected to participate.

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