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Goal of the Program

The goal of this program is to help students to work on space-related projects!

You will receive the best of training and guidance from SSERD as well as other pioneers in the field all to your home and completely online. You will also earn an e-certificate after the completion of the internship. 

  • To help students to work on space related projects.
  • Giving undergraduates, a one of a kind opportunity to undertake and experience an aerospace related research project.

Program Structure & deliverables

It is a 6 week Internship with trainings from Experienced mentors. You will receive the best of training and guidance from SSERD as well as other pioneers in the field all to your home and completely online. You will also earn an e-certificate after the completion of the internship.  Information on training and Benefits


Astrophysics Research and Training Program (B17)

Starting Date:  December 20, 2022
Last Date to Apply: December 15th, 2022

Batch 18
Starting Date:  February 1, 2023


Here are some topics available for research. You can choose any while signing up.

Propulsion system

The only available transportation to a destination in space is through rockets; and propulsion system is what makes the rocket reach its destination. The internship involves design of propulsion system for orbital and suborbital flights.

Astronomy and Astrophysics

Humans are naturally curious and the cosmos is the biggest mystery. Astronomers and astrophysicists always seek to understand the universe and our place in it. Come ! be a part of this internship and explore the solutions with the like minded few.


Femto-satellites are satellites with a mass lower than 100 grams. Learn how they work and how it is designed.

Space Mission Design

Various aspects of space mission design, chance to work on real life projects.

Fee and other information

A registration fee of Rs. 4000 is applicable for the online infrastructure, training, and issuing certificates payable to Spaceshaala Pvt Ltd.


  1. Training
  2. SSERD membership
  3. Career guidance
  4. Access to professionals
  5. Scholarships will be provided for those who can’t afford

Training on

  1. How to do the research
  2. How to look for the correct information
  3. How to make the best resume
  4. Selection of universities 
  5. Project Specific Trainings 

Do you have what it takes?

Do you want your internships to be in the field of space science and technology? Get an intern post at SSERD and finish your final year research project along the way. Register Now!

Projects of Batch-1


Team SOHO are a group of students from diverse academic and cultural background aspiring to be prodigies in the field of science. During a 5 week-Research Internship at SSERD, we took up a project which entails the study of our nearest star-The Sun. We took a journey to the deep CORE of the sun, surfed on the boiling PLASMA, camped with the glorious FLARES, embraced the strong SOLAR WINDS and got enlightened like the AURORA.

MoOD Team - The sky is not the limit for humans' trash.

This team was formed as a part of SSERD internship where all like minded talents joined hands to handle one of the burning issues of the world (ie) to bring solution to the orbital debris. Team was lead by two efficient master minds who guided us throughout our research journey.

Team FW-LB

Questioning self, time and again helps gain perspective of the path ahead. It tells us 'Curiosity is and always has been the mother of all needs.' Team FW-LB believes, anything and everything we do, contributes to that little something that revives the faith of man in humanity and its endeavours.It has been this common ground that kept us resonating for the greater good and eventually for the better. To idealize this motto, a poised outlook would suit FW-LB's graphic identity appropriately. Hence, the outcome.

Projects of Batch- 2

Projects of Batch- 3

More coming Soon!

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