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Black holes are some of the most extreme objects in the universe. They can be more massive than a billion suns. Matter in their surrounding gets trapped and accelerated to almost the speed of light, where it ends up behind the point-of-no-return. Even by just thinking about this, pretty sure all the space geeks would get much excited and eager to work and read on that. And so, this wonderful opportunity was provided by SSERD. Starting from the very first day we had so much fun getting to know our Teammates united from all around India, encouraging, motivating one another in each and every step, fueling up our passion with patience and thus we were able to make it to the end where we solved the Problem we chose to work on.

Even though we were far away, had an amazing time with each other as much as possible, working towards the goal. Some were skilled at simulation, some at math and we worked accordingly balancing each one’s skills and understanding to arrive at the desired outcome. Apart from this we had musicians among us, entertaining all of them with their fantastic talents and that part is the one I enjoyed more. Over all we learnt a lot from one another, mastered new skills, and got a new set of friends much passionate, creative and enthusiastic.  Even in this pandemic situation we were able to create some best memories to be treasured for a life time. So grateful to all those who guided us till the end from the SSERD and especially to Teammates who made this possible. Loved to be a part of this Team.  Much more Grateful and wish all of them to come out with Flying colours in Future.

– Alice I. 


Many fears about it, many don’t dare to experience it but there is something more then it. There is a clue, there is story or a mystery hidden about the Universe in the scary dark. 

It was just an assumption made by him but turned out to be a truth that shaken our souls and astonished our minds. The unescapable truth of Universe –the black holes. The region where space and time lose their identities and emerge out to be a superpower which could defeat almost everything that comes in the region of it. Nothing, almost nothing could escape from the black holes after it reaches to the Event Horizon, not even the light which could tell us about the presence of it. Only the accreted gas, dust and stellar debris could tell us about it. This highly energised accretion disks are the keys for many studies done on Black holes and I also looked for such a key for the cascade of Black holes. 

I took an internship at SSERD where I found people Enlighted with same thought and dreaming about black holes. We the dreamers of black holes turned out to be the members of -COSMIC QUARKS. We learned about black holes, accretion disks, stellar winds, relativistic jets and looked for the models for mass transfer such as ROCHE LOBE one. We did a study on the mass transfer in a binary system of a star and black hole and also, we created simulations for it.

 It was my first internship, was supposed to be memorable one and would remain the unforgettable one. The support, guidance and the care offered by the members of SSERD was really unexpectable one. The sharing of papers, the uploading of weekly reports, the space talks, the meeting with mentors and the fun in fun sessions and meetings, almost everything I am going to miss.

 It was an immense pleasure and satisfaction with working my team members at SSERD.

 A deep gratitude to SSERD for offering me an opportunity where I could study more about space.

– Rutanshi Pradhan

In this internship, there were people from different states, different universities etc. Everyone had their own ideas and we were made to work together, it was really a nice experience. We are really thankful for SSERD for bringing us together and help us giving our thoughts and our ideas on the certain topics we have chosen. We had our orientation session primarily and we were put into teams to discuss about our topics. As we were put into certain subgroups, we were made to discuss and conclude about a problem statement which all our team members could agree and work on. Our team’s topic was black hole physics and our problem statement was to find the ghost mass during Roche Lobe overflow. After deciding upon the problem statement, everyone in the team started discussing what we know, sharing what we know and each of us made our own contribution in bringing a relevant conclusion to our problem statement.

            After discussing on the problem statement and giving everyone’s opinions, we were given tasks which is convenient for each individual where we could work on. All were free to choose which topic they should work and were divided into certain subgroups where we could discuss and work. We started searching relevant research papers based on the problem statement which could help it in a good way.We had general training sessions on how to find research papers and how to differentiate fake ones which helped us a lot in doing the research. We had team meetings almost every day to bring out and discuss everyone’s progress in their working and to clarify certain doubts with the team members. Also, there were presentation sessions on each Monday where we reported our previous week’s activities by presenting a ppt. Finally, we team cosmic quarks did our work and presentation very well and each person had done their own contribution in making the work better which made it a success.

– Sahasra

On 11th October, 10:30 am started the research internship at society of space education research and development with the orientation program. The program was held in online platform introducing some of the seniors of SSERD. The introduction ceremony went for three days and with that we get to know each other. Then we all are divided into our respective groups according to the choices given by self. Then we have our group meeting where they make subgroups according to our interest. I choose to be with black hole research group. 

After getting our groups and the main work to research on we started doing regular meetings with our team leaders. With that we get to interact with Pavan sir for our training in weekly basis and Sunder sir for our meeting discussion on weekly basis. On the first week we discussed about black hole and the team name and logo for it. Then divided the team into three subgroups (i.e. theory, math and simulation). I choose to be in theory team. In the second week we discussed a lot about the problem statements we got and also get to know about the accretion matter. We the help of teammates and our leaders I got to know about so many research papers and get to study them. We also have to find the mass loss in the accretion disk. Then in the 3rd week I get to know about Roche lobe and its basis. After researching and gathering so many info about the Cygnus X-1, Sunder sir asked us to leave the Cygnus x-1 model and get another generalized model according to our own calculation. After so many team efforts we were still unable to get the finalize model equation for our black hole. Then in the 4th week we shared and discussed everything whatever we have found and get into our finalized equation. And with the equation the simulation team did the simulation work completed. 

Personally, I get to learned a lot in this research internship like how to do research especially and how to work in a team and with a team. Also get to clear my lots of doubts on black hole after reading those papers. With training I get to know about how patent something and how to write a research paper or a review paper and also how to publish a journal and how to check whether the journal is real or fake. I get to learn so many things from Rutuja ma’am, Pavan sir, Sundar sir, and also from my fellow teammates. I get in to touch with such supportive teammates who helped me in every hurdle that came across me during this internship period. Thanks to all for being a part of such a wonderful journey. Hope to meet them at some part of my life surely. I guess if I would get to attend this internship offline then it would be more fun and exciting. Still I got the best memories with SSERD taking with myself. Hope to be part of such interesting internship further.

Thank you. 

– Suneet Ranjan Khuntia

– Written by Team Cosmic Quarks

For more information on the team visit the website of Team Cosmic QuarksTeam Exouls is a part of SSERD’s Internship and Projects Divison’s Online Research Internships

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