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“The man is furnished with ideas by experience alone”

This one quote summarizes the journey that 12 interns took in a period of 6 weeks. When the journey began none of us knew what to expect from an internship conducted online. What will the problem statement? How will we manage it? Will we be good enough? These questions crossed our mind but lo and behold, we were divided into groups (actually, were allowed to choose the group). We all selected the designing of a propulsion system to Mars.

Why Mars, you may ask? Well, Mars is what our future lie. The planet has intrigued us all and with the recent achievement of Mangalyaan and SpaceX being too enthusiastic about the planet, we thought it would be great to contribute with whatever manner we can. The internship helped us all by connecting us, not just by knowledge but with fun as well.
Wait, fun and knowledge. Together? How can that be possible? Answer to that is, the internal fun sessions and the weekly fun tasks SSERD used to provide us with. The whole week, we would be throwing equations and values to one another, and the coaches, i.e. our mentor and coordinator will help us with it. The first week task of a space bingo was really a great way for us to know about each other. Stuff like coming up with Space business ideas really made us interact with each other. Also, even in team meetings, we had an amazing time not just discussing the mission but also sharing with each other our interests and hobbies. We even had some sessions where we showcased the artists within.

Sharing their experience at this amazing Internship, this is what the team members had to say:

Team Members Shares Their Experience:

  • Md. Aitesam Ahmed (Team Leader): This internship was crucial to me as it was my first exposure in applying my learned knowledge into practice. Being selected as the team lead by my fellow crewmates boosted the confidence in me. I feel an immense amount of gratitude to them for taking onto themselves with the tasks suitable to their strengths. Also, a big shout out to the mentor Rakeshh and coordinator Thejas for their inputs and guidance. All in all, I enjoyed this phase a lot. Thank You SSEERD.
  • Hrishikesh S Nair (Assistant Team Leader): First of all, I would like to thank SSERD for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I had a very great experience as an Assistant team leader of the team for the first time in any internship. So the emotions during these weeks of internship were like a roller-coaster ride I enjoyed it a lot. There were a lot of things to take away from this internship and guidance from the mentor and coordinator was very good. Kudos to the team for completing the Project and Having each other’s back.  
  • Keyur Devaganiya: It was an amazing experience to working with the people from all over country. In the starting we didn’t know each other but gradually we got to know about each other and we completed our project within time limit. Thank You SSERD for providing this opportunity. 
  • Greeshmanth Macherla: Best ever experience in learning the book theory in the real world. I was able to learn, implement, validate and correct myself all the whole time. Teamwork and mentor’s guidance was great thing about this intern. 
  • Mayuri Ghadigaonkar: This was my 1st internship and I gained good knowledge, learnt so many new things, and most importantly had a great experience working with such an awesome team. Training sessions by SSERD were so informative & helpful. Our mentor Rakesh sir guided us in proper track when we committed mistakes. We learnt from those mistakes. Thejas was always there to boost our confidence. Team leader Aitesam and assistant team leader Hrishikesh kept each member of team bonded to each other. If someone had issue then that task was done by another team member, that showed our unity. We had lots of fun also as most of the internal team meets were turn out to be a fun session!!! It was a great experience of working with a team of various regional & branch differences. I would like to thank SSERD, all team members, Rakesh & Thejas for making this happen. I would be missing all those fun session, training sessions, internal & mentor meets. 
  • Allwyn Prince A: SSERD is really good in making future elites of students, internship in sserd is fine that to learn something new regarding space industry and to make us to work with different kind of peoples from various regions, thank you SSERD for this good opportunity.  
  • Jagdish Kare: It was pleasure doing internship with SSERD. This platform provided us a very great opportunity to get a huge amount of knowledge. SSERD allowed us to keep our ideas infront and work on it. The guide and mentors are very much supportive towards the interns, they guided us every step and made us to work in correct direction. Finally, it was great experience to work with friends from each part the country.  
  • Chetan M Tanangi: The best part of internship was meeting new and inspiring people.

Throughout the internship I have always been well supported by my teammates and mentors. The internship was found memory which will keep me motivated and filled with energy throughout my life.  

  • Girish Kumbargoudar: Over all Good experience.
  • Dileepkumar Tunuguntla: It has been fun working at SSERD, people here are passionate about what they’re doing, and my team members have been nice, friendly and are very interested people in the field, my mentor and coordinator have been very helpful and encouraging and I am grateful to SSERD for giving me an opportunity to work here.  
  • Kiran Kandel: It was the most beautiful experience to work as a research intern in SSERD. I have been able to go beyond my familiar zone and connect with people from different field. I felt as if I’m working together with scientists from different background having a same motive, to succeed for space exploration. Other than that, I utilized this pandemic being part of the internship.

Arunachalam E: Great experience with my mates. Gained lots of information about rocketscience.

– Written by Team EVOLON

For more information on the team visit the website of Team EVOLONTeam EVOLON is a part of SSERD’s Internship and Projects Divison’s Online Research Internships

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