We are a community committed to elevate and foster Space Education and Research around the globe.

What is Society for Space Education Research and Development (SSERD)?

Society for Space Education Research and Development (SSERD) is a community committed to elevate and foster the education of space and research universally. We emphasize on providing an innovative and exciting hands-on space education. It is an intriguing as well as a salient subject for the young generation.






In order to accomplish our motives, we have collaborated to innumerable like-minded organizations across the world. With this, we foresee a world with a command on the unexplored celestial bodies and planets. We strive to make the astronomical education a lot more accessible. SSERD is one of the few independent organization in the country in space education sector.
To highlight one of our principle objectives, we create and nurture love for the deep space and science. Our focus rests on the young minds to develop fondness for the space science. We start laying the path for the students right from their primary education which builds up their scientific curiosity. It gives them the exposure in the field of space technology and astronomy. As they say, “Space mountain maybe the oldest ride in the park but it still has the longest line”.

Feedback & Reviews

What people speak about us.

” Good initiative. The format and contents are fairly good. Assessment of space eco literacy before the activity and after need to be listed. The event must have an evaluation report also. Ecologically   “

Prof Jagannatha

Scientist/Engineer SF SCC, CMG , ISTRAC ISRO Bengaluru

” Feel blessed to have your center so close to our home. teachers taught kids basic concepts of rockets, aeroplane, astronomy, parachutes etc very well. kids understanding science concepts at such a young age seems very promising for their future. Thank you! “

Hans Raj Sharma


” Very good Initiative. Great Society with able and efficient team members. Each and everyone who are interested in aerospace must join this Great organisation and gain knowledge through continuous learning…. Best wishes. “


Former Ex. Additional General Manager, Aircraft Overhaul Division at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

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