Reaching higher heights with Team Dhruv – SSERD Online Space Research Internship

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We are team of 9 people from aerospace and chemical engineering background from different part of the country with single purpose in our mind; CONTRIBUTE TO THE HUMAN’S SPACE AGE IN ANYWAY POSSIBLE! We called ourselves Team Dhruv, after the polestar Dhruva. Much like Dhruva which shines the brightest in the night sky we wanted to shine brightly and stand out.

We created STARS (Simplified Tool for Analysis of Rocket engine Systems), a design sizing and performance analysis tool for Liquid Rocket Engine systems. Looking back, we were brimming with ideas but also bit skeptical about the intern being online and our inexperience with programming. But we all knew we can pull through even when our backs are up against the wall. We had few hiccups at the beginning but once we got our game we started pushing ourselves constantly. The mentors who shared our energy helped us make sharp turns while we accelerated ourselves to complete the tremendous task that was presented to us.

Below are the experience and takeaways of every member of our team:

Yogesh (Team Lead)

This whole intern for me is to get out of my comfort zone. I never had leadership experience and the project topic was also unknown to me as I didn’t know programming enough to build a tool nor the field of rocket propulsion. But thanks to the mentors, my teammates and the SSERD team who made it easy for me. I learnt a lot, not only subject wise but how rewarding it is to achieve results out of your comfort zone. Thanks to all the training sessions provided, I properly learnt how to carry out a project/ research efficiently and what it means to work as a team. For that I’m grateful to SSERD IPD team for this opportunity.

Preethi (Ass. Team Lead)

I can confidently say that throughout the 6 week journey I have gained a lot of knowledge in the field of Aerospace, irrespective of the fact that I’m from a different background with no prior knowledge to the field of my internship, I didn’t face any difficulty. In fact, I actually learnt that STEM is an interdisciplinary field. Moreover, I also built collaborative skills with my team mates to bring about fruitful results.


This was my first time working on a research project. I had no prior knowledge about creating software especially for a Liquid Rocket Engines. One after the other we had to redo the algorithms and codes, but we persisted till we got the hurdle cleared. This internship has helped me evolve in matters of teamwork and perseverance. This experience will always be something worth to look back and smile.


Interning at SSERD has imparted me with both technical and communicational skills that provided me with greater knowledge and understanding of Rocket and its components. It was like I am in rollercoaster ride for a month. I enjoyed thoroughly by learning a lot more things about rockets and also for getting to know about different people all over India. This internship really motivated me in taking up problems and gave an idea of how we could approach it.


This internship was not only a learning source but eventually became a fun source as well. I met some really talented people as my teammates, even the mentors were also very helpful and supportive throughout the internship. I got to learn a lot new things in this time. Got to know some really new ideas and prospective as well. This whole internship was a whole new experience for me.


Applying for this internship is the best thing I did in this year. After the topics have been announced I chose LRE design tool even though I’m not great at programming, I thought to learn it during the internship. I had a clear idea of what to choose in the modules and how to proceed with it, but it wasn’t that easy, I faced few problems regarding the approach but later after analysing different approaches the problem was solved. My teammates were very supportive and everyone did an amazing job of completing the project on time. Thanks to all the mentors it wouldn’t have been possible without their guidance. SSERD, thanks for this opportunity and the technical sessions were very informative and I learnt a lot about how to do research and fake journals, future guidance etc.


The internship had an impact of stretching my mind to space and beyond. It made crucial role to know more about research works. Teamwork is executed in a very comfortable way which made us to be the perfect team to explore on our topic. I felt very happy in sharing our knowledge and experience. Mentors were at their best in guiding us to reach our goal. Totally it is an exciting opportunity for me to explore my skills


I wanted to do an internship related to my branch very badly. Then I got this opportunity, Thanks to SSERD. At first I thought this is going to be boring but later i found it far more interesting than I expected it to be. My teammates and mentors they were very helpful and pros in their own areas of interest. As an Aerospace student I hated coding always but working with this internship made me change my idea. It is so much fun when you are working with the concepts you know and applying them into a totally different concept.

We owe our gratitude to the mentors, coordinators, and SSERD Team who gave us this opportunity and ensured smooth progress throughout this period. Without them, we would not have able to complete our design tool named STARS.

– Written by Team Dhruv

For more information on the team visit the website of Team DhruvTeam Dhruv is a part of SSERD’s Internship and Projects Divison’s Online Research Internships

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