1. Introduction and history

2. Big Bang & other theories

3. How astronomy changed the world

4. Current Research in Astronomy

5. Everything about Exoplanets, Q & A

1. Introduction and history

2. Chemistry of Rocket propellants

3. The past, present & future of Rockets

4. Software and Simulations

5. Q&A

1. Introduction and history

2. Parts of Satellites

3. Parts of Satellites (Cont.)

4. Applications

5. Softwares and Simulations, Q&A

1. Introduction and history

2. How it works, Optics

3. Calibration and Observation

4. Space Telescopes

5. Telescopes – A quick buying guide

  1. Introduction and History
  2. Education  & Skills required
  3. What they do in Space or ISS
  4. Experiments & Space Walks – EVA, Special Missions
  5. Training and Challenges(Physical and Mental stability), Astronauts on Moon & Mars.
  1. Introduction and History
  2. The forces on an airplane and control surfaces
  3. Aircraft and UAVs
  4. Modeling the Glider
  5. Aviation and Future Trends

1. Aeronautics, Aviation and AME

2. Space Scientist & Space Engineer

3. Astrophysics and Astro-biology

4. Other Space Career [ Astronaut, Space Law, Space Doctor etc.]

5. Universities and Colleges

Batch 1: For School Students
 (For students above 4th grade)

Timings (4-5PM) 

Batch 2: For College Students
Timings (6-7PM) 

Fees: ₹ 750/Module

For Query Please contact: +91 77951 11926

Student Should have a laptop with good internet connection.

*Digital Certificate will be issued at end of each module.

Asteroid Hunt For College Students

Become a Space Explorer by actually discovering a celestial object – Asteroids. SSERD encourages the college students to take part in the Asteroid Search Campaign, which will surely add value to your CV.

The student must be pursuing any degree [B. Tech, B.E, B.Sc or Diploma], Must have Computer and Internet facility.

The program includes sessions on Celestial Objects, Asteroids, How to identify, how to analyze with the software and make the report and submit for the International Competition.
Participation Certificate will be provided by both SSERD, Hands-On Universe and The International Astronomical Search Collaboration (IASC)

The last date to apply is May 26th, Training, and Orientation will start from 27th May. Students will need to the research and submit the Report on the 3rd of June. We will be going through the report and students must make the final changes if required and Submit on the 4th of June.

All the Training and Submission will happen Online. Computer or Laptop with the internet is a must.

For more information contact:
Anirudh – [email protected]
+91 94823 98647