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We provide 6 different online courses for you to choose from.

Timings (6:30 PM – 7:30 PM IST)

Each module is five sessions of 1hr, Online Mode.

Fees: ₹ 1000/Module

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Student Should have a laptop with a good internet connection.

*Digital certificates will be issued at the end of each module.

Courses Available

1. Introduction and history
2. Big Bang & other theories
3. How astronomy changed the world
4. Current Research in Astronomy
5. Everything about Exoplanets

Date For Next session:  14th – 18th November 2022, 1 hr/day


  1. Introduction and history
  2. How it works: Optics
  3. Calibration and Observation
  4. Types of Telescopes and Space Telescopes
  5. How to use the Telescopes and A quick buying guide

Date  For Next Session: 21st – 25th November 2022, 1 hr/day

1. Gravity equation
2. Kepler’s and Newton’s Laws
3. Position of a satellite
4. Size of the planet and stars

Date For Next Session: 28th – 2nd December 2022, 1 hr/day

1. Introduction and History
2. The forces on an aeroplane and control surfaces
3. Aircraft and UAVs
4. Modeling the Glider
5. Aviation and Future Trends

Date For Next session:  5th – 9th December 2022, 1 hr/day

1. Introduction and History
2. Different Orbits
3. Subsystems & Classifications
4. DeepSpace Satellites & ISS
5. Planetary Orbiters

Date For Next Session: 12th – 16th December 2022, 1 hr/day

1. Introduction and history
2. Chemistry of Rocket propellants
3. The past, present & future of the Rockets
4. Software and Simulations
5. Q&A

Date For Next Session: 19th – 23rd December 2022, 1 hr/day

Courses Coming Soon.

1. Rocketry Equation
2. Orbits and Trajectories
3. Satellite location Identification 

Date For Next Session: TBA

1. Introduction and History
2. Education & Skills required
3. What they do in Space or ISS
4. Experiments & Space Walks – EVA, Special Missions
5. Training and Challenges(Physical and Mental stability), Astronauts on Moon & Mars.

Date For Next session: TBA


  1. Exploration to Mars (Orbiters)
  2. Exploration to Mars(Landers)
  3. Study of Nature of Mars
  4. Future Mission and Need of Technologies

Date For Next Session: TBA

1. Introduction and history
2. Latest Explorations
3. Challenges of space exploration
4. Future of space exploration

Date For Next Session: TBA

1. History of search for an extraterrestrial life
2. Earthlings on other planet and Aliens
3. Planetary habitability
4. Current Research in this domain and it’s importance

Date For Next Session: TBA


  1. What are satellites and types of satellites
  2. Applications of satellites in day-to-day activities
  3. Remote sensing and earth observation
  4. Global Challenges and Space Solutions
  5. Ideathon: Space-Based on Solution

Date For Next Session: TBA


  1. Gravity, Gravitational Force.
  2. Governing equation and Problem solving
  3. Zero gravity and Microgravity
  4. Effects of Weightlessness in Space on Human Body
  5. Experiments conducted in zero gravity

Date For Next Session: TBA

Some Feedbacks

This is one of the best things my daughter has ever got as a part of her Spring Break. I felt she has utilized the time effectively and this was a very good focal point to be away from Caronavirus stress. I am happy that my daughter spent quality time learning something new. During the session, I was observing that she was asking many questions (curious mind), Mr. Sujay had all the patience in the “space” to answer questions, I am sure he would have cleared man questions to other kids as well. I always felt an opportunity for young minds to get such exposure is lacking, but I am sure SSERD has taken the right step to bridge that GAP. I wish all the SSERDians best of luck and request every one to keep up this noble work.

Prashanth N S